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Well Being of All Women

Updated December 2015

We support the well being of all women. Muslim women are the highest users of our services. We want to enhance the lives of women to help them strengthen their family and build self confidence, through parenting skills, literacy and numeracy programs, money management skills, advocacy, information, and advice. Women experience barriers such as: language, mobility, literacy, finance, lack of understanding New Zealand systems.

We have a special focus on women who are

  • Socially and economically disadvantaged.
  • Victims of violence, abuse and crisis.

We will guide the transitioning of women who are victims of violence and abuse and provide an effective, culturally appropriate support service that underpins the spiritual and holistic requirements of women.


  • Support victims with emotional, spiritual, practical care, referrals
  • Engage with families experiencing violence and crisis in the home
  • When dealing with agencies as they move through the criminal justice system
  • Support agencies to understand the spiritual and cultural issues of Muslim women who are victims of violence, abuse, and crisis
  • Provide Education and Safety Awareness
  • Provide an understanding of NZ laws and systems
  • Promote self-determination
  • Promote living violence free

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