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Updated December 2015

Auckland City Council

The Auckland Council is a new model of local government for New Zealand, designed to strengthen regional leadership while providing effective local and community democracy. While the way decisions are made will change, the role of local government in Auckland remains the same.

Auckland Council has two complementary and non-hierarchical decision making parts:The governing body, consisting of a mayor elected by all Aucklanders and 20 councillors elected on a ward basis 21 local boards, with members elected by local board area.

The governing body and the local boards will share the decision-making responsibilities of Auckland Council: The governing body will focus on the big picture and on region-wide strategic decisions Local boards will represent their local communities and make decisions on local issues, activities and facilities.

Auckland Council will deliver services through the council organisation and council-controlled organisations.

New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post Group is about delivery – delivering to communities and businesses. We provide customers with the solutions and products to help them communicate and do business.

New Zealand Post is part of the national landscape, integral to the kiwi way of life for 170 years. We’re also part of New Zealand’s future and are evolving and developing our business to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Department of Internal Affairs

From 1 February 2011 the Department of Internal Affairs has a new organisation structure, incorporating the National Library of New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Office for the Voluntary and Community Sector and the Government Chief Information Officer.

  • Our vision The Department of Internal Affairs is a recognised leader in public service – known for innovation, essential to New Zealand, and trusted to deliver.

  • Our purpose The Department of Internal Affairs serves and connects people, communities and government to build a safe, prosperous and respected nation.


On behalf of the Executives, Council Members and Staff of the Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand, welcome to the official website of FIANZ. The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand was established in 1979 and is a federation of several regional New Zealand Muslim Associations. Our Secretariat is located in our headquarters in Wellington.

In addition to providing a unified voice for the New Zealand Muslim community and an internationally recognised Halal certification procedure our objectives may be summed up as follows.