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Our Goal

Updated December 2015

The following goals for Fatimah Foundation over the next three years are the organization’s response to the important issues identified in the environmental scan that was completed as part of the strategic planning process. These goals provide a road map for fulfilling the strategic direction.

Service Delivery

Fatimah Foundation will provide model supports for individuals affected by violence and their families, either directly or through partnerships with other service providers as follows

  • Have programs available for men & women to have better skills for employment and promote having safer and healthier families
  • Children and youth – home work programme
  • Play group to support mothers and babies under 5 years
  • GoldCare to continue to attract more elderly to encourage healthier and safer homes.
  • Pre-marriage workshops and relationship workshops to help couples and to build safer and happier relationships
  • Education for families with social and economical problems to empower them to become financial independence and better life skills.
  • Have programs available for men run by men.

Resource Development

Successful implementation of this strategic plan will result in more quality supports and services delivered to families affected by violence, more families and individuals welcomed in the community and actively involved in community life, and a broader array of resources in the community valuing and supporting children and adults affected by violence. The ultimate result The Foundation aspires to achieve is far beyond high quality supports and services for families affected by violence. It is about changing community conditions and mindsets.


  • Build capacity
  • Become financially sustainable
  • Improve food bank (PantryPak) operations
  • Purchase a safe house for women and children at risk
  • Men’s Centre
  • Networks

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